I still remember the excitement around starting out on my own. It wasn’t just excitement though, there was a bit of anxiety, some fear, and a lot of unknown. I remember that mix of emotions all melding into one and not knowing where I fell along the emotional spectrum. I see that same mix of emotions in the energy of my clients when we begin to talk about business expansion and what that means for them.

You see you don’t have to be fresh out of the gate to worry about if you’re making the right choices, if the direction you’re going in is beneficial to you and your future, or if what you have now is all there is. It can happen anytime your growing, any time your making huge changes and whenever that feeling of being stuck comes on.

Most often than not people come to me because they feel stalled or stuck. It’s not that their business isn’t successful, it’s that they have this feeling that there is something more. They have this feeling that there is something else they should be doing. At times they feel overwhelmed and some even are questioning weather they are still in the right line of work.

All of these feelings are normal when you’ve outgrown where you re in your business right now!

One of the most important things in business is to make sure that you are always growing and evolving. That seems like a lot at times, but trust me, it’s worth it. Not only am I asking you to work on your business ad to work in your business, but now I’m asking you to evaluate yourself and where your business needs growth.

If you really think about it it’s part of the working ON your business process. The problem is that you don’t often recognize the signs or you can mistake them as something else.

Here are 5 simple sign it’s time to expand.

  1. You Feel STUCK

You know that feeling deep inside that keeps nagging away at you? Telling you that there is more, that this isn’t the right place, that there is something missing. But you have NO idea what it is. You get frustrated, can often times get down on yourself and your business and struggle to make any progress. That feeling is your unconscious trying to let you know that there is more you must do. It’s your energy coming out of alignment with your current situation and it’s a message to open your eyes and look around.

2. You’re Revenue Has Remained The Same, or Worse Yet, Dropped

Some people think that a consistent income is great, and I do agree, but an increase is even better. Think about it. If you aren’t able to raise your prices, then are you growing? Are you adding more value and are you expanding? Probably not. And if the money slows down then something surely has to change. As you grow and move forward your income needs to as well. Is yours?

3. The Clients Are Not Flowing In

A huge confirmation for you that your business is in need of growth is when your client flow slows down. People tend to think that maybe their marketing needs to change or they need to spread their reach, and these might be true. But how about your services? How about what and who it is you work with? When your clients slow it’s time to evaluate.

4. You keep Getting New Ideas

I know a lot of people who consistently get new ideas for their business but NEVER follow through. They write them down, think on them for a while but something always comes up (or their Ego kicks in) and the ideas get pushed to the side. If your business is ready to expand then the Universe will supply you with many more ideas for growth. Your higher-self knows what and when to do it but you often times don’t listen. How many new ideas have you pushed aside and ignored. Or even said “not yet” to?

5. The Passion Has Faded

There was a reason you started your business in the first place. For me it was because I was passionate about what I do. That passion remains because I’m continually adding on to what I do. I bet you had that same passion to start. But what about now? Do you get up each and every single morning eager to work? Does it excite you when Monday roles around and you can work with clients again? If not then the magic has faded. Evaluating what you’re doing and revamping it WILL bring that magic back.

Business are not meant to stay still. They aren’t meant to just reach status quo and then remain there. Life is constantly moving. People change, things expand, your knowledge grows, your beliefs evolve and so must your business.

In order to do that you need to know the right direction to take.

So many times I meet with a client and they tell me what they were thinking for their new growth. It usually sounds good, but I’ll be honest, it’s not great. It isn’t all inclusive and their ideas tend to limit themselves and keep them small.

When I look at business expansion I see huge growth. I see big changes. I see reaching many new heights and exceeding the expectations you have. A business expansion is not just changing things up. It’s looking at the ultimate possibilities and then working consistently to reach them. It’s completely stepping out of your comfort zone and showing up bigger than you’ve ever thought imaginable. And in the end, the level your business will reach and the impact it will make, will be astounding even to you!