Have you every stepped into a room where the high intense energy is literally overwhelming?

Where it surrounds and encompasses you and begins to overshadow your own energy?

Sometimes it can feel so heavy and thick that you just want to leave, remove yourself from the area and not look back.

You can feel like your presence doesn’t matter, that there had been an argument or disagreement going on, and like there is hostility or aggression swirling around you.

The energy that you’re feeling is all encompassing, overbearing and totally consuming. The energy that you’re experiencing is a masculine based energy.

Now that’s not to be confused with just any male energy. The two can be very different.

Male energy can come from any male person and the energy that surrounds them. Masculine energy can come from a male or female alike. I for one know many females that have a predominately masculine energy. The energy I’m referring to comes from several different traits and characteristics that hold strong to masculine energy.

Some of these traits include:

  • Aggression
  • Power
  • Assertiveness
  • Control
  • Dominance
  • Analytical
  • Logical
  • Telling
  • Strong
  • Righteous

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Now all of these traits are masculine in vibration but it doesn’t mean they’re bad or overpowering. In reality, they are all necessary. They all hold importance in building a business, begin new relationships and creating your life. They are the traits that help you to reach goals, go after what you want in life, speak up for yourself, step out of your comfort zone and embark on many new adventure.

What causes them to take on an undesirable role is when they are used incorrectly, when they are used more than they should be, or in association with many other masculine traits.

Too much of anything can be wrong and masculine energy is no different.

When you allow masculine traits to run your life then problems begin to arise.

  • Misunderstandings Happen – When masculine energy is overpowering you can feel that only your opinion is right and you refuse to hear the advice or suggestions of others. When this happens you fail to hear what other people are saying and this leads to misunderstandings.
  • Power is Abused – If masculine energy is running rampant then you can feel as if you are in control and that everyone has to do as you say and listen to you. You force others to obey and you do not tolerate any lack of obedience. If you are leading a business, a family and most certainly a country, then you have the potential to misuse your powers in a way that isn’t beneficial for the overall good of everyone in it.
  • Fights Breakout – Misunderstanding from masculine energy can lead to fights, arguments and heated disagreements.
  • Relationships Get Broken – These fights an abuse of power can lead to relationships falling apart or never being successfully built in the first place.
  • In a State of Constant Doing – Masculine energy is a great way to accomplish your task and reach your goals, however if it’s not kept in balance with down times, relaxation and self-care you can end up in a constant state of always trying to reach the next level, conquer new goals, gaining more and more success or money, and your life will be out of balance.
  • Stress Builds Up – When you are always striving for new goals and have no outlet then the stress from this state of constant motion can become too much and stress begins to build up. You reach a point where you can’t handle any more.
  • Anger Can Form – When the stress sets in and dissatisfaction is around then anger from lack of goal reaching, feeling stuck and not being acknowledged for your accomplishments turns to anger.
  • Your life can begin to spiral out of control – all of these things can cause your life to spiral out of control and create more than just the problems stated here.

When you lead with an over abundance of masculine energy things in your life become a struggle, accomplishments begin to fade away and the success that you are aiming for is always out of reach. Relationships begin to break and fall apart and the dreams that you had for your future can see so far out of reach that things just keep repeating themselves and never tend to get better.

There needs to be a mix, an understanding and an assimilation of these traits combined with feminine ones to allow for harmony and balance.

Feminine traits are the balance and the counterpart from masculine and are needed to live a harmonious  and successful life.

Take an honest look at your life and determine if you are allowing your masculine traits to control it. I have created a 6 question quiz to hiply determine if you masculine traits are leading your life in an unhealthy way.


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