Episode 25 - Life Begins When You Start To Live Your Purpose

Have you ever wondered why you’re here or what you’re supposed to do? Have you ever wondered what the bigger meaning of life really is? Sure, we learn, we grow, we work, we build relationships. we make money and we try really hard to have some fun in the little bit of free time we can find. But what is this all for? What’s the real meaning and point to life on earth?

In Episode 25 Carrie takes you though the second half of her story, the part that got her to where she is today. She shares what got her though the grief, the struggle, the changes, and life’s chaotic mess that had unfolded around her. Carrie shares what she has learned and discovered along the way, what she is doing now, and how it’s not only impacting her life, but so many other peoples lives as well.

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