Fear. It surroundsĀ us. It controls our life, our thoughts and our actions. It dictates our future and limits us from creating and living the life that we want. Everywhere you look you can see it. Creeping into our thoughts, clouding our judgements and determining out next steps. We have begun to live in a world where fear, worry, doubt and anger consumes us. Sometimes it feels like there is no escape. But there is. There is something you can do about the fear. There is something that will break it down, tear it apart and diminish it’s hold on us. It’s a power that exists around us. It’s a power that is always available to us and that’s stronger than anything else on earth. That power is something you need to tap into, use, feel and see. When you do, it will change your world and the entire world around you.

Episode 26 is all about pure, divine, unconditional love. It’s about how love has the power to remove fear, to reduce worry, and to allow you to create the future you desire. Love has the power to pull you out of the deepest darkness and let you find hope for the future. With the power of love, you can change your life and make it anything you want it to be!