Everybody has a purpose, it’s what we’ve been talking about the past couple episodes. We have been exploring what a purpose is, how it can change your life, and why it’s important to follow yours. Someone who helps women unleash their power and mission into the world and make large amounts of impact is coach Olivia Charlet. In Episode 27 Olivia shares with us her purpose in this world and what she intends to accomplish as she moves forward. Olivia also takes us back to her childhood and shares where a few of her own limiting beliefs came from, how she was able to overcome them and what led her to be doing what she is now.

It wasn’t till Olivia was 25 that she even began to open up to greater possibilities in life surrounding spirituality, her existence and the way every single person’s life is viewed. However once she began exploring, it took her less than a day to finally see the truth of the world we live in. Join Olivia and I as we explore the amazing possibilities of living your mission and overcoming your limiting beliefs.

To connect with Olivia:

visit her website at www.oliviacharlet.com

Find her on Facebook at Olivia Charlet