One of the hardest things to do in life is change. It’s something that most of us want, all of us need, but very few of us embrace. Change is uncomfortable, it’s scary, it’s totally uncertain and most often introduces a situation that we don’t feel ready to accept. But something that change always brings is new beginnings, opportunities, new people, and a higher perspective on life.

As we entered this year we talked about the need to set intentions for what we want to create, for who we want to become. As those intentions begin to manifest in your life and you begin to open the opportunities that present themselves to you change becomes inevitable.

In order to successfully maneuver the obstacles and the situations that come at you you need to understand how to effectively handle the change that you begin to see unfold in your life. Episode 37 shows you exactly what you should be doing and helps you to see the best way to adapt to all the new experiences that are coming your way.

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