So many things demand your attention every single day. New projects come, clients need your attention, marketing needs to be done, decisions need to be made, and that’s just for work. Then there is your family and your friends that are an integral part o your daily life and plays into your schedule.  How much of your day is your work demanding?  How much time are you spending with the people who mean the most to you?

What about yourself? How much time are you spending on yourself every single day?  How much time are you setting aside to do the things that mean the most to you? It’s not a pipe dream to be able to fit everything into your schedule that you want.

If you feel like your life is getting out of your control and that you don’t have enough time to fit everything in, then episode 38 is exactly what you need. In this episode I share with you exactly how to prioritize your work and your life. I give you tips, tricks and insight into what you need to do to fit everything in to your day and even have time for yourself.  I promise after you listen to this you will be more productive, better organized and feel like there is much more time in your life to do all the things you want!

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