Have you ever felt like life was just not worth living anymore and that there was no purpose?  My dear friend Annika Suoma Fey has and it brought her to a very dark place in her life. For the first time ever, Annika opens up and shares her very personal, very heartfelt story with us and it is beyond POWERFUL. Annika has been on a very long journey, and her journey has brought her through some of the hardest things in life to deal with, but it has also brought her to a very beautiful and empowering place as well.

Episode 40 is emotional and touching and one you won’t forget for a while. Annika, the Light Maiden, is now using her experiences along with her talents and magical abilities to help women to find their place in this life and get clear on who they are. She is one of the most loving and heart felt people you will ever meet and comes with absolutely NO judgement. Allow her to take you on the journey of her life, and watch as it begins to transform yours.

If you would like to learn more information about Annika please visit her on her Facebook page at The Light Maiden.

Or on her website at www.lightmaiden.com