Iryna came to me because she felt completely stuck in her business and had not been achieving the results or the income that she desired. I spent less than an hour with her, gave her lots of advise, and she walked away and began implementing things immediately. Four days later I received this message in my group from her:

“Last week we had our pay session and like I mentioned early I was not sure if it’s a good time for me or not cuz I was lack of money. I don’t have a job right now and my business did not bring me big results. I took a risk and scheduled the pay session with her. At the day I paid her for the session, I made in my business $5.00 (haha ridicules right!?!). I was stuck in my business and I needed help, money was an issue for me like you can see! 

After our session, I got clarity what should I focus on in my business and what should I change to get better results! Her step-by-step reading helped me make money $400+ IN 4 DAYS!! I just used one tip from her. I still have two pages of notes I did not implemented yet

Thank you so much Ms. Carrie for helping me to boost income in my business!”

If you’re feeling stuck in your business or life and want to find out what you can do, then let’s connect. to book a session.

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