I can’t even begin to tell you how often I meet with entrepreneurs or people looking to grow their business and they ask me if I think they are ready. I tell them yes, and they still don’t believe me. And this SHOCKS me. For one, they come to me for psychic advice and trust what I tell them, but when I answer this questions they don’t believe me??  I don’t get it. But for two, they aren’t seeing their true self the way I am seeing them.

So often I see people who believe they have to be 100% ready before they take them leap into really marketing and growing their business, or for some, even just starting it. This could not be further from the truth.

I episode 53 I talk all about WHY you must not wait to be 100% ready to start, and why it’s so important that you experience your journey right along with your clients. It’s not simply a coincidence that you are working through some of the exact struggles that you teach others. It’s not just by chance that you have to implement and work through yourself, the same steps that you’re being guided to share with your clients. There isn’t a “trick” to the teachings and unfolding events of the Universe. You show up, do the work, and then guide others along the same path you just traversed yourself.

If you are questioning the validity of you or your business then you do NOT want to miss this episode!


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