I truly believe that we are here to make an impact on this world. From the day we are born till the day we transition over. We are never meant to stop growing, we are never meant to stop adding value and we are meant to forever follow our hearts.

That is exactly what Oline Pedersen has done and continues to do each and every day of her life. Even at the age of 62 Oline is on a mission to create a HUGE impact in this life for women all over the world.

Oline Pedersen is from Denmark and traveled on  inspiration nd guidance to the South of France where she came across the most beautiful house that spoke directly to her hear.  She is now the founder of Singing Hearts Retreats for Women. These retreats are held in that old, authentic, and beautiful french summer house that she found there, with its own huge garden, and situated in the land, a cosy village, close to the sea and the Pyrenees.

Oline knows that this place and her retreats have the ability to change women’s lives and she is on a mission to spread that love possibly beyond that house to there parts of the world. Her passion, her courage and her desire to completely change herself and her life at the age of 62 is truly an inspiration to ALL of us. IT’s a message of never settling for less and always having the knowledge that so much more is always waiting for you. You just have to step into the energy and go for it!

If you’d like to connect with Oline and find out more about her retreats you can visit her website at Www.singinghearts.eu

Or connect with her on FB : La grande maison, 

Instagram: oline_pedersen,



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