It’s a very common thing to have lots of ideas for growing your business and creating offers and products and services for people. Knowing which to start with and what clear direction to follow can be challenging. When I work, I work with what’s in people’s highest good. It’s an amazing and powerful energy to work in and ALWAYS produces results. That’s one of the reason’s I work in this energy and offer my abilities to others.

In episode 55 I sit down with Ange and we go deep, get details, and get really excited about all that is to come for her and her business. What’s incredible is that after channeling this session for her, I have gotten to witness her creation of it and running of a wonderful challenge. It always impresses me just how quickly spirit can make things happen when you are in alignment and follow their guidance.

If anything in this episode resonates with you then take it as a message for you as well. The wonderful part about energy is it’s all inclusive and expansive and spirit works in magical ways to allow the much needed messages to reach the people they are supposed to.

If you are looking for guidance in your business or personal life, let’s connect. I only have TWO spots open for Podcast channeling sessions for the summer.

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