Life gets busy, life gets crazy, but when you learn to completely embrace the life that you have you are able to balance all the many roles that you play in life. It’s not just about being a great mom or about running a successful business. It’s about being YOU through and through and embracing everything that comes your way.

In episode 57 I sit down with the amazing balancing woman Amy Sheehan and we talk about everything, kids, exercise, business, family and where she lives.

Amy Sheehan is a Health & Wellness Life Coach  and comes to us from rural Down East, Maine. Her pride and joy are her 4 amazing children and her entrepreneurial husband.
Family means the world to her! During the last 23 years, she has committed to homeschooling all of her kids at one point or another, helped her husband run an eco-tour company, an architectural salvage business, and is currently balancing working with him at his seafood and marine scientific supply company (Gulf of Maine, Inc) and growing her Health & Wellness Life Coaching practice. Amy has worked hard to develop a solid exercise routine, despite the fact that there are no gyms within 2 hours. She has a “no excuses” attitude and uses her outdoor surroundings as her “gym”. She is also a big fan and follower of the healthy food lifestyle best described as “Whole30”, and incorporates this into her everyday routine. Amy enjoys working with people who can use some inspiration and encouragement in their lives. She specializes in the arena of empowerment.

If you would like to connect with her be sure to visit her Facebook page at: Amy Sheehan 

Or join her group for support, empowerment and fun!! T.R.I.B.E.


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