There is no denying all of the energy that’s around us through this month of August. Between the Full moon, the Lion’s Gate Portal, Mercury Retrograde, and the double Eclipses, August is asking us to pay attention. It’s not just asking, it’s requiring us to. Now what are you supposed to be paying attention to?  Well, YOU. The energy in August is all about going within ONE SELF and looking to see what is there, what no longer resonates, and what needs to be removed. It’s the perfect energy for transformation, a raise in your conscious level, and spiritual truth. The problem?  Often times people get scared from the intense energy, and “hunker down” or “hide” from it to keep themselves comfortable and “safe”. There is NOTHING comfortable about spiritual growth, but it is necessary!!!

Episode 59 is all about understanding the energy, what you do during this intense time, and how to best use it to benefit you and your business. When we keep ourselves closed off from the world and the things that make us uncomfortable we DO NOT GROW. We remain stuck and things don’t change. This Episode takes you through the importance of going within in this energy while still stepping out into the world in all of your true amazing self. The result?  A total life change!!  Listen in to use the most of the energy that will be with us into the first week of September!


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