My business did not look like it does now even just a year ago.

I was struggling to find my place, to find what really felt right for me and I felt like I was hiding behind a mask.

Back in 2014 when I had been miserable at my corporate job, I thought that starting my own business was the key to my happiness. I was determined to run things the way I wanted, be my own boss, and really enjoy everything I was doing. I believed that it would be work, but I believed that it would be so much better than the 7 am – 6 pm job that I had slowly grown away from.

Well, I was WRONG!

I was so excited to be free, to do what I wanted, to not have to be confined to the parameters of the corporation and my boss, to really step out into the world and leave my mark, but I wasn’t quite sure what that was.

I knew I was great at business. I could feel what the right direction was for any company I worked for. I could tell who wasn’t in the right position and where the changes needed to be made. I could look at their systems and show them their mistakes. I always had the answer, or if not, could work it out. But none of that brought me the level of passion I was searching for.

I was great at relating to people and building connections. I could walk into an office and immediately be liked and respected. I could relate to the employees and the executives on multiple levels. I was great at communicating and uncovering breakdowns to recreate the strong personal foundation, but that didn’t fill the void I was still feeling.

The problem was that I wasn’t being true to myself. I wasn’t owning all of my power and abilities and therefor I was restricting the most important part of who I was.

You see, in 2014 when everything in my life began to change, I discovered that I had many amazing psychic abilities. I realized that all the things that I was feeling, hearing and seeing were not things that everyone around me was also experiencing, and I became well aware of what I was capable of doing.

But……  I didn’t embrace it and I certainly didn’t share it openly.

I was afraid of what others would think.

I was worried that what I loved wouldn’t make me the money I needed.

I was scared that my gifts weren’t strong enough to carry my business and allow me to follow my passion.

I told myself I just had to really change my mindset and be thankful for the business I had and I would start feeling better.


Things didn’t get better.  They got WORSE!

I found myself experiencing that same inadequate feeling I felt back in my corporate job.

I realized that I hadn’t made changes to my life. I simply became my own boss.

Changes are when you begin to do things that allow you to feel the way you most desire to.

Changes are when you give yourself permission to explore all of your deepest desires and all the things that truly hold meaning to you.

Changes are when you allow yourself to dream the biggest dreams imaginable.

Changes are when you begin to live those dreams and feel complete alignment as they unfold.

I realized that in order to begin to feel all I wanted to, to begin to really be fulfilled, accomplished and like I was exactly where I wanted to be, I had to make some serious changes to not just what I did, but how I thought about myself and who I really was.

I realized that I had to fully embrace ME and that meant every unique aspect of me.

These changes weren’t easy and they weren’t done overnight.

But these changes were all worth it.

I was able to uncover my limiting beliefs that were holding me back and truly step into the role I was meant to live in this life. I allowed my inner power to come forward and to then build a very successful business around exactly who I am.

I know there are people who are just settling for the safe route, the comfortable route that provides for them and that conforms to what others believe they should do.

That doesn’t mean this is the RIGHT route.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to be sure that your life, your business and your future are all in alignment, 100% alignment, with who you are and what you should be doing.

When that happens, I can promise you that miracles begin to occur.

When I embraced my abilities and my beliefs I was able to make connections with people that I had never thought possible. When wrote, people read it. When I spoke, people listened. When I channeled, people were intrigued.

All the things I was fearful of began to fade away and this new found energy began to enter into my business.

That energy allowed for massive growth and a constant stream of clients.

I no longer had to worry about money and all the things I dreamed about have slowly began to take shape.

Not only is my business successful, but my entire life and self has change. All from the simple act of accepting me for me and removing my mask.