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Mixing a little fun, with a whole lot of raw, unfiltered realism, entrepreneur and Intuitive Business and Success Strategist Carrie Cardozo brings you a weekly podcast focused on being honest with where you are in business and life, the part you play in that, and where you want go. Breaking Through Walls explores the roots of success and failure, and the lessons learned along the way. Each episode provides you with practical advice, strategies and tools to win, as well as create the life you want – professionally and personally.

Carrie is motivated by a desire to help people conquer the limiting thoughts, beliefs, and skills that hold them back. As a business strategists, her goal is to help you live with more passion and purpose, gain confidence, uncover what’s locked deep within you, take back your power, and build the life you’re meant to live. Nothing is off-limits, and Carrie is here to uncover, break down and overcome the obstacles that limit you from achieving your business and life successes.

Week after week Carrie is going to share experiences and stories of walls, the lesson’s she has learned, the challenges she has over come and offer the tools you need to break down, overcome, build – or rebuild – the lives, businesses, careers, relationships and families you want. This is a journey of life – don’t let it be wasted or limited by the walls that have been placed in your path.

You’ll also be inspired by guests who come from all walks of life. They’re eager to share their own experiences and the lesson’s they are continuing to live by today. Obstacles are guaranteed throughout life, and success can only come when you step out of the shadows and break through the walls that hold you back from living an authentic life.

Topics range from business, entrepreneurship, leadership, communication, building teams, and success, to motivation, mindset, goal setting, relationship building, parenting, health and life creation – every aspect of living a rich, fulfilling life. So if you’re ready to step into what is rightfully yours, take back your power, and create everything you’ve ever imagined, then start right now on Breaking Through Walls.

Special thanks to Pete Yorn for graciously allowing us to use his song “Life On A Chain” as our intro and outro music!

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Host: Carrie Cardozo
Day:  Wednesdays
Instagram: @wallbreakingck

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Episode 59 - This Energy Is Intense

If you feel as if everything is crazy around you and like you just can’t take one more minute of the emotions the drama or the struggle then you have to listen to this!

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Episode 58 - Clarification Leads To Change

When all you need is some confirmation, guidance and a shift in energy that leads to massive change!

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Episode 57 - The Balancing Act of Life with Amy Sheehan

There are so many roles in life that we play and things we want to do. Join me as I sit down with Health & Wellness Life Coach Amy Sheehan to hear how she manages it all!

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Episode 56 - Who Controls Your Success

If you haven’t reached the level of success that you desire then it’s time you really take an honest look at what your thinking and expecting and uncover who you are allowing to control your success!

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Episode 55 - Carving The Path For Business Growth

Ange came to me with questions regarding her path and some programs she was looking to create. In this channeling session were were able to gain clarity for her and more direction.

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Episode 54 - Follow Your Dreams and Let Your heart Sing

It’s always the perfect time to follow your heart and let it lead you to where you are most meant to be in life!!

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Episode 53 - Are You Ready?

Are you ready to step into the role or the business you have dreamed of?  Now is the perfect time to find out!!

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Episode 52 - Channeling Through Heartache and Change

Listen in as I conduct a channeling session with Hilary to help her to understand the past, release it, and look toward the future.

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Episode 51 - Navigating Through A Traumatic Past with Stef Ventura

Listen as Stef shares her life lessons, experiences and struggles with us and how she over came them.

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Episode 50 - Spirituality Inside YOUR Business

Spirituality can enhance EVERY SINGLE business, especially YOURS. Find out how and why here.

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Episode 49 - A New Direction with Nadja

Starting out on a new path in your business can be scary. Getting reassurance and guidance from your guides can make all the difference. Listen in on a session here.

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Episode 48 - How Aware Are You?

Knowing yourself is one of the most important things you can do in life for your growth and success. Find out how and why here.

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Episode 47 - Business Clarity with Tani

Tani set out to start her new business and was looking for clarity. Tune in to listen to what her guides had to share with her.

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Episode 46 - Cristina Aroche and the Archangels

In this episode we talk to Cristina Aroche, a women who just over three months ago changed her entire life when she realized she could talk to the Archangels!  Find out how she did and what she is doing now.

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Episode 45 - Getting Un-Stuck, Channeling Session with Iryna

Iryna took ONE suggestion from our channeling session, implemented it and made $400+ in just four days. She no longer feels stuck and is ready for so much more.

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Episode 44 - The Truth of A Psychic

It’s time to get real about the word “psychic”. It’s time to explore why it’s so important to me and YOU and how it has impacted my life.

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Episode 043 - My Father Who Art In Heaven

Have you ever felt fear towards dying? Have you wondered just where people go when they die? Lots of people do and it terrifies them to have to think about it. In this episode Ange de Lumiere and I talk about her journey into spirituality and the impact her father had on her before and after his passing.

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Episode 042 - Life Lessons: Channeling Session with Stef

In this episode Carrie channels for Stef on her life lessons and what’s holding her back in her business progress!

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Episode 041 - Take Back Control Of Your Life

Are you ready to completely own your future and have a say in what happens and how your life moves forward?  It is possible.  Find out how my listening here.

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Episode 040 - Finding Your Way Out Of The Darkness with Annika, The Light Maiden

Do you find yourself living in darkness, wondering what you’re doing and feeling like there is no way out. Annika shares her inspiring story with us of fear, anger, hurt, betrayal and rebirth. You won’t want to miss this powerful episode.

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Episode 39: Intuitive Guidance Session with Connie

Listen in as Carrie channels information for Connie on how to get unstuck and move her business and her life forward!

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Episode 38 - The Magical Dance With Time

Are you scrambling every single day trying to fit everything in? Are you looking to “create” more time in your schedule so that you can do things just for yourself?  This episode is going to make it feel like you have the power to stretch your day and make time expand!

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Episode 37: Change..... You Might Not Like It, But It's Always Necessary"

Change is inevitable in life. It’s learning to embrace it and flow with it that allows for smooth transitions and favorable outcomes!

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Episode 036 - Get Ready To Expand Your Impact With Sarah Ann Negus, The Modern Day Shaman

Sarah Ann Negus, Modern Day Shaman and Spiritual Teacher and Mentor brings energy work, spiritual guidance and psychology together to empowering her clients to be the best they can be in every aspect of their lives and business. If you’re ready to really make the impact you desire then you won’t want to miss this episode.

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Episode 035 - It's Time To Allow Yourself To Grow

Growth is essential to the success we want to achieve in our personal life and in business. If you feel stuck or if you are needing a change then this episode is exactly what you need.

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Episode 034 - Your Struggles Are Always Blessings in Disguise

Do you feel like life just keeps handing you struggle after struggle after struggle?  Are you tired of all the bad things happening to you?  Find out what you need to do to get through them and move forward in life.

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Episode 033 - The Key To Never Ending Confidence

Confidence in yourself can lead to increased level on success in ALL areas of your life and lead to true growth and expansion.

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Episode 32 - Remove Your Blocks and Move Forward in Life

Are blocks holding you back in life? Learn how to identify them and remove them from your life now.

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Episode 031 - Heal Yourself and Rediscover Life with Anya Bruder

Just a little over 20 months ago Anya was bedridden and had no idea how she was going to get better nevermind turn her entire life around. Listen to her inspiring journey and how she is helping others heal their life as well!

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Episode 30 - Blending of the Masculine and Feminine Self - Dynamic Creation Part 3

Blending the masculine and feminine self is the fastest way to gain success and happiness in every area of your life. Listen to the episode to learn how.

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Episode 029 - Stop Giving Away Your Power - Dynamic Creations Part 2

Being in your feminine power does not mean you have to bow down to people. It does not mean that you have to allow others to control your life and the world you live in. Now more than ever we need to understand how being totally in our feminine power is not helping us to get to where we want to be in life.

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Episode 28 - The Dynamic Creation of Who You Are - Part 1

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Episode 027 - Olivia Charlet Unleashed and on a Mission

Olivia offers coaching for kick ass women entrepreneurs and what she specifically helps them do is unravel their unconscious fears, blocks, limits, rules, and conflicting values in their head and allow them to UNLEASH in their business and life. Olivia help them feel so empowered, energised and unleashed that they feel the need to take massive aligned action in their business which results in powerful financial results.

Follow the link to learn about how Olivia got to where she is today and her vision for the future!

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Episode 26 - There Is One Thing Stronger Than Fear.....LOVE

There is only one things in this world that is more powerful than fear, than worry, than anger, than hate.  That is LOVE!

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Episode 25 – Life Begins When You Start To Live Your Purpose

Every single person has come into this life with a purpose. Do you know what your’s is?

If you want to start feeling fulfilled, like you’re really making a difference and as if there is a reason to get up and get going with eagerness every single morning then you won’t want to miss this episode!

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Episode 24 – Can you hear that? It’s your intuition talking!

Everyone has access to divine knowledge and unlimited information, however they don’t always use it. In Episode 24 we talk all things intuition. If you want to learn how and why your intuition is important, what you can do to strengthen it, and how you can use it to create the life you desire, then you won’t want to miss this show.

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Episode 23 – The Ins and Outs of Manifesting

Look around you…..  Everything that you see, YOU created!  You have the amazing power of creating anything you want to se in your life. All you have to do is learn how to control your abilities and manifest it.

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Episode 22 – It All Begins With HOPE

With hope comes faith and with faith comes trust.

What does the number 2 and “hope” have in common? How does it all affect your life, help you break through your walls and truly start being, feeling and living in a life you were meant to life? Episode 22 begins a new journey in the podcast.I t begins a time of understanding what all the struggles, hardship, challenges and lessons in life mean. It begins the journey of hope for a better future, the faith that things can and will get better, and the trust that you are exactly where you are, listening to this epodes for a reason. Open yourself up to the amazing possibilities of life. Look at things from a whole new perspective. Truly break through the walls that are holding you in a place you’re no longer willing to be in. Once you do, you will never go back to the way things use to be. Make a commitment to yourself and take this journey with me. I promise you, you won’t regret it.

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Episode 21 – Success Eludes Those Who Refuse Support

“Success eludes those who think they can do it all on their own”. – Carrie Cardozo

Episode 21 is all about getting the support you need to be successful in business and in your life. It’s about knowing when you need help, taking the action to ask for it and allowing that help to take part in your life. No one is meant to do it all, yet over and over again there are so many people out there who are’t actively pursuing finding the help then need and deserve. Stop trying to do it all. Stop over working yourself, getting stressed out, wasting time, money, and valuable energy on things that you’re not great at and don’t need to be doing. Episode 21 is going to challenge you to put your wellbeing first and know exactly what you need to do, who to ask, and how to get the help and support you need to truly start being successful.

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Episode 20 – Get OUT of Your Comfort Zone!

The choice is yours, either stay where you’re at, comfortable, safe and never changing, or get out of your comfort zone and decide to truly experience all that life has to offer.

Comfort zones are where most people like to stay, secure, safe, predictable and minimal risk. But comfort zones don’t offer you the opportunity to grow, expand and truly become who you’re meant to be. Often times you don’t necessarily make the choice to leave your zone, in reality, you’re usually forced, pushed or made to take the plunge. That’s what life delivers. Whether it’s your choice of it’s with resistance, there is never an easy solution or fix to taking that first step into the unknown, and that’s exactly what it is, the unknown.  In episode 20 I take you along as I navigate this new journey I’m beginning. I share with you why I started, what it all means to me, and three ways that you can be better prepared, more confident and have a different mindset when you take your first step over and over again out of your comfort zone and into the unknown. Join me as we Break Through the Wall of comfort zones!

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Episode 19 – Kevin’s Farewell

Kevin has decided to leave the show and venture off on his own. Join me as we say good-bye to Kevin and a big Thank You for a great 4 months!

Message from Kevin: “First, there will not be a new episode today. Second, after a lot of deep thought, I have decided to step away from the Breaking Through Walls podcast. It wasn’t an easy decision as I’m very proud of what Carrie and I were able to build, however, we all sometimes have to do things that are hard. Don’t worry though, Carrie will be continuing with the show, and I will have one final episode in the next couple of days.
I’m connected with many of you already, but for everyone else, please come visit me at Best of luck to you all and keep breaking down those walls!” ~ Kevin McMahon

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Episode 18 – Knowing Your Genius and Bucking All the Odds Shannon Shaffer Digital Strategist

It can be easy getting caught up in the mindset that we need to fit a certain mold in order to be a successful entrepreneur or live a fulfilling life. In Episode 18, Shannon Shaffer is here to tell you that is BS! Shannon is a digital strategist and blog coach who, after having some success in the corporate world, decided to buck the trend and build an online business during an economy that fought against her. After building a $1M+ site with a reach of a few million monthly views, she decided that her family and personal life were more important and sold the business. Well, she’s back and she’s following her passion of all things digital strategy! Shannon is passionate about helping entrepreneurs make it online without sacrificing their entire lives in the process, and her goal is to help regular people who always seem to find themselves up against the odds. So whether you are stuck thinking that you’re too different or are afraid to step outside of societal norms, check this episode out!

Learn more about Shannon:

Follow on Facebook:

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Episode 17 – Facebook Ads that Actually Convert | Amanda Bond, The Ad Strategist

Bond. Amanda Bond. And she is our guest on episode 17. There’s a ton of misleading information online and she wants you to stop wasting time and money. As The Ad Strategist and creator of programs like ADdicted and Fully Booked Webinars, Bond gets down and dirty in the trenches with some seriously elite clients. Now she’s here to drop some of that serious knowledge for you to use in building your own strategy. Over the years, she’s learned from personal experience and the school of hard knocks what works and what doesn’t. No stranger to adversity, she wants you to keep fighting for what you want because it’s who you’re becoming in that fight that’s important. Bond is as authentic as they come and she firmly believes that if you want to be successful, you have to embrace your own authenticity and step confidently into the spotlight. Listen, learn, and move forward!

Follow Amanda on Facebook at TheAdStrategist.

Also, learn more about setting up your own website pixel and other Facebook strategies at

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Episode 16 – Developing a Healthy Mind, Body and Business | Donnie DeSanti

“Outside of your comfort zone is where life really begins.” In Episode 16, we meet Donnie DeSanti, a highly successful health & wellness coach from Hoboken, New Jersey. Donnie helps people regain their energy and lose weight naturally so they never have to diet again, ever! He has witnessed the possibilities of healing by being medication free for over 25 years of symptoms of ADD through natural methods, and watching his mom do the same with her cancer. Donnie believes we need to relearn what it means to be healthy and listen to what our body needs in order to thrive. When facing walls with your health it’s all about the doing the little things that add up to big results. Too many people try to make a huge overhaul and change their life in a day and that never produce long term results. Every obstacle you overcome bleeds into the rest of the areas of your life to bring more confidence and clarity of what’s possible. You can see more of Donnie on:

Facebook:  Life In Balance with Donnie DeSanti

Instagram: @DonnieDeSanti


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Episode 15 – Living Life In the Fast Lane with Rachel Pedersen | Planning for Virality

“Don’t give up, but if you keep slamming up against a wall, sometimes there’s a smarter way.” In episode 15, we had the chance to spend some time with Rachel Pedersen, a Social Media Strategist who has won awards and has gone viral globally for her social media work. A few months ago, Rachel had the idea that she was going to take one of her many fascinating life stories viral and within a short time, the story had already been shared 70,000 times and reached more than 12 million people! But that’s Rachel – constantly attacking her goals and accomplishing them in record time. During the interview, she shares with us how she got to this moment in her life and explains where there’s a will, there’s a way. Aside from offering complete social media management to her clients, Rachel also founded Social Media University for other entrepreneurs who want to find freedom in being Social Media Managers.

You can follow Rachel on Instagram at @themrspedersen or Facebook at @the.mrs.pedersen. And for more information regarding her offerings, check out her website at

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Episode 14 - Let's Get Productive

There’s a difference between being busy and being productive, and everyone can benefit from being more productive. It’s not all about how much you can get done in a single day, but rather accomplishing the right things that will drive your business further towards your goals and what you are trying to create. Episode 14 is all about tactics and tips on helping you take control of your time and making the real progress you want in your business.

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Episode 13 - Become An Influencer And Take Your Business To The Next Level

Whether you want to be known in the world of finance, personal development or healthcare, becoming an influencer in your industry can be a great way to promote your business and help you better serve your clients. In order to do so, it’s important that you find ways to set yourself apart from your competition. With the growth of the internet and social media, many things have changed, but the fundamentals have not – offer value and master the know/like/trust factor. In Episode 13, we break down the steps of attracting your ideals clients and becoming an authority in your industry.

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Episode 12 - Letting Go Of The Past And Living In The Now

The past can be one of the best sources of learning we have, but living in the past can be the biggest wall to your future life. So often people talk about keeping their past experiences fresh so that they don’t keep making the same mistakes. And while remembering your history is important, it’s not meant to hold you back from moving forward in business and life. Letting go of the past is never easy, especially when there are actions and events you wish you could change, but the best gift you can give yourself is to readjust your thinking and work towards living in the NOW. Until that happens, you will continue limiting your potential and ability to grow.

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Episode 11 - Getting Inspired With Jennifer Guidry -

“If you can’t knock the wall down – CLIMB over it.” So says Jennifer Guidry, Creator and Blogger of A passion for pursuing her best in all areas of her life and inspired by a life changing event, she founded Best You Year to be of service and inspire others in the pursuit of creating the best versions of themselves in every aspect of life. As a successful insurance professional, singer/performer, model and writer, Jennifer has made it her mission to confront and overcome every obstacle in her path. And now she shares her secrets with us!

Learn more about Jennifer and her mission at!

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Episode 10 - Negativity, The 10-Ton Weight That Will Sink Your Success

“Negativity perpetuates itself, breeds dissatisfaction and clutters the mind. And when the mind is cluttered with negativity, success and happiness are much harder to come by.” From television to social media to conversations at work, we are being constantly bombarded with negativity. But if you truly want to have business that thrives and a life worth living, it’s crucial to avoid the traps that can suck you in and distract you from your goals. Learn how to cut out the various things that are weighing you down and start focusing on ways of bringing value to others and ourselves.

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Episode 9 - It's Not Failure, It's Called Being Patient

“I started my business a year ago and I’m not a millionaire yet. What am I doing wrong?” In business and in life the need for patience is something we all face. From very young up until the time we die we will face situations and events that require the need for patience. It isn’t just the act of waiting in itself, it’s also the attitude you keep and the things you do while you wait that really matter and define who you are. Episode 9 takes you through the reason’s why having patience in your life is a necessity for success. By recognizing that good things take time, you’ll have the ability to appreciate what you have now and all that is yet to come.

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Episode 8 - Stop Waiting, Start Winning

There are things you WANT to do and there are things you NEED to do in life in order to move forward. Knowing what to do when and getting things done is important to continue learning, growing and expanding your business. So why do so many people fail to get things done? Why do people keep putting things off over and over again, and how can you stop the cycle of procrastination and lack of action? Taking action in your life can be the determining factor of how much you grow or how little your life changes. Episode 8 takes you into the psychology of why people fail to take action and what you can implement in order to break free from the pattern of non-action and build the business and life you know you deserve.

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Episode 7 - How to Become a Badass Leader

Management as we once knew it is dead! Theodore Roosevelt once said, “People ask the difference between a boss and a leader. The leader leads and the boss drives.” No more are the demanding, intimidation and competitive tactics of a boss acceptable in today’s business culture. People are expecting to be led with respect, appreciation, and honestly. In Episode 7, Carrie and Kevin cover the important things you need to know to be an effective leader who leads your team and your life to success.

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Episode 6 - The 4 Letter "F" Word...... Fear

Remember laying in your bed as a kid and wondering what was lurking in the shadows? While the “monster” has changed shape, we’ve all been confronted with that same feeling at different points in our lives. In Episode 6, we talk about the most explicit 4-letter word in the dictionary, and the power it has at holding us back from building the lives and businesses we truly want and deserve. The word of the day is FEAR and in this episode, Kevin and Carrie discuss the different ways it eats away at our true potential, and the steps we can take to move forward successfully.

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Episode 5 -Peter Callahan

The day Peter Callahan realized he had control over the choices he made in life was a game changer for him. In episode 5, we meet and talk with Peter, a business coach and founder of Fresh Perspectives, LLC. Peter shares his story with us and explains the process he took to break down the walls and get past challenging situations in his life in order to get to where he is today. Peter shares many of the strategies he uses with business owners he works with and gives us a peek into his past to learn how he became successful.

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Episode 4 - Carrie's Story

“Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness yet become something beautiful.” ~ Anonymous 

In this episode, Carrie takes you through the story of her life and several of the situations, struggles, and walls she has faced along the way that have helped mold her into who she is today. Some of those walls were placed before her by others, some she created by herself, and yet others were tragic walls she never expected to ever have to face. She takes you through how she felt, what she did, and what was learned from her experiences. She also shares some of the lessons that have now become invaluable to her, in business and life.

Overcoming these walls and implementing the lessons showed Carrie that she had the ability to help others create successful businesses, concur their own walls, and build lives they truly enjoyed.

Using all the lessons learned through life so far, she has created a business helping others overcome blocks, situations and lives that are unfulfilling to them. Carrie knows that she’s here to assist others in understanding what brings them happiness, discovering what they truly want, and providing them with the tools, resources and support to make all of that a reality.

Carrie’s wish is to see businesses and people being of service and of the highest value to everyone they connect with in this life. She wishes to see people happy, successful, and creating and living lives that bring them immense joy every single day. She wants people to see things as a lesson and as a gift instead of as a roadblock or a failure. And although she shares four of the huge walls faced in life, there are many more smaller ones that are left unsaid. Every wall is important, every wall has a lesson, and every person has something they are trying to overcome and learn from. Throughout this podcast Carrie will share more of the walls she overcame, and the lessons learned to move forward and live the life she chooses.

Hear More of Carrie's Story

Episode 3 - Kevin's Story

At the age of 24, Kevin was faced with a life or death decision that would alter the course of his life forever. 15 years later, he has the ability to apply the same principles on a daily basis and because of that has been able to build a life and business he never dreamed possible.

In this episode, Kevin takes you through his own personal story, sharing some of the obstacles he faced along the way, and how he was able to overcome each. He also discusses how he got to this point and his life, and talks about why he’s refuses to play by the rules.

After more than 15 years working in the corporate and non-profit worlds building sales and marketing teams, Kevin decided it was time to stop focusing on someone else’s dream and start concentrating on his own. He is an expert at taking high-achievers to their greatest levels of success; understanding what makes people unique and using it to help them succeed while remaining true to themselves. And as a believer that a strong mindset is the foundation and fuel for everything in life, he’s has made it his mission to helping others master theirs.

Life isn’t always rainbows and unicorns, and sometimes it’s the most trying times that truly define our character. After this episode, you’ll be able to face those obstacles in your own life that have proven to be the hardest to overcome.

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Episode 2 - The Meaning Behind the Name

We met by chance in a networking group, and after setting up a conversation to learn more about each other, we discovered many more things in common than just the businesses we conducted. Two coffee’s and five hours later, an invitation to start a podcast was on the table.

What we found about each other was that we have both been faced with walls or situations we weren’t always expecting. Our ability to overcome, work through and learn from those situations has contributed to creating who we are and the lives we now live.  We know that a lot of people face obstacles and situations in life where they can feel stuck and alone. Some people are even afraid to ask for help. We knew that our histories and the lessons learned can also help others.

Enter the name Breaking Through Walls.

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Episode 1 - Defining Success

In Breaking Through Walls’ debut episode, we take a real look at the all-important topic for business, life, and everything in-between – success. Together, we’ll break down society’s long-standing view on success, and the impact it has on people as they build and grow their businesses and careers. Success shouldn’t just be defined by the house you have, the car you drive, or the status you achieve in society. Rather, it’s about your freedom, the impact you have on others, and the ability to live and define your life exactly as you want it. We also share some tools and strategies that will help first define what success means to you, and then develop and implement the plan to work towards achieving your goals right now.

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