Are you ready to embrace the magic of the Priestess Energy and awaken your innate abilities?

If so…….  I want to welcome you to the

Priestess Awaking Program


A woman who is whole and complete, who embodies the feminine and the masculine energies in a dynamic balance that allows her to connect her mind, body and soul. She is one who comes to earth with a mission and a purpose to assist in the consciousness of humanity in her own unique way. She is a teacher, a nurturer and a creator and relies on her own strengths with the support of the divine to create magic and change in the world. A priestess is here to make an impact and do so in a loving, understanding and non-judgmental way while staying strong and stedfast in what she knows to be truth.

The Priestess Awakening Program is a BRAND NEW, 8 week, PRIVATE, one on one program where you will explore what it really means to be a priestess, embrace the energy, step up to serve, and begin to open up all of your abilities in a safe, and supported way.

During our 8 weeks together you are going to learn how to:

  • Manage Your Energy
  • What Priestess Energy Is
  • Priestess Responsibilities
  • The Role of a Priestess and How it Connects with Your Life and Business.
  • Connecting with Your Higher Self
  • Awaken Your Abilities
  • Introduction to Your Priestess Guides
  • Rituals and Modalities
  • Strengthening Your Connection to Source

During our 8 weeks together you will receive:

  • Access to a FREE Sacred Priestess Community
  • Private Spiritual Healing Journey’s
  • Personalized Meditations
  • Daily Priestess Accountability Journal
  • Introduction To Your Power Animals
  • Recorded Lessons and Journey’s
  • Connection and Discovery of Crystals Meant for You
  • 24/7 Support Between Calls
  • Reduced Fees for All My Services

Along with all of this you are also going to work through any healing, fears and insecurities that are holding you back from stepping into your true powers and highest potential.

If you know that you are meant to embrace an energy that is not only going to completely change your life, but also allow you to show-up in a more empowering, non-judgmental, supportive, understanding and loving way, then this is exactly where you need to be.

Each week we will meet privately and work in the priestess energy specifically designed for where you are right now, the level you are meant to reach, and WHO you are deep inside.

What A Current Priestess Has to Say About This One of A Kind Program

It has always been a dream of mine to connect with a Priestess that would take me under her wing and show me all the ways I could play in magic. The true magic of being my authentic self and sharing my own gifts to the world! It has always been a calling of my own to embody this Priestess/Goddess like energy but I never really knew how to do that. I just felt my soul yearning to be who I was meant to be, day in and day out. The more work I dedicated to getting closer to my authentic truth, the more doors started to open up for me. It all finally came together when I met Carrie.

Carrie is not only a Priestess I admire, she is someone who understands my gifts. She immediately saw my potential and offered an opportunity of a lifetime. An introduction to her Priestess Awakening Program was all I needed to know that that this is what I’ve been waiting for my whole life. To work with Carrie one-on-one and finally step into my own Priestess energy, was a dream come true.

Carrie is pure passion, living in a non-judgmental space, helping so many people reach their highest potential. Her gift of holding such a sacred space for me, while working with me to discover my genuine self, has been so inspiring. I have come out of every lesson more and more aware of what I am truly capable of. For me, that means expanding my ability to share unconditional love by empowering and healing other women, in a beauty industry that can be so cruel. It takes a special Priestess to open up her doors and teach others the ways. It takes an even bigger heart to offer a Sisterhood that supports this growth. I am honored to have Carrie as my Empowerment Priestess, Priestess Sister, and Soul Friend. Her commitment to see me through this journey is a real blessing and one I will cherish for lifetimes to come.

Jessa Stanek

Program Investment


This is an introductory offer into this program and the price will not remain this low for long.

If you KNOW that you’re ready to become the priestess you really are then I invite you to connect with me to see if this program is the right fit for you.


As a bonus for joining in this program you will receive one of my Business Expansion Sessions ($897 value) FREE. 

In these two, 90 minute sessions, we will look at you and your business in detail and go over any healing, removal of limiting beliefs, and and mapping out exactly where you need to go. We will create the next several steps for getting clients in to your business and reaching the level off success you desire.