“What exactly is a psychic business coach?”

I’ve heard this question over and over again as I’ve meet more and more people in my line of work.

It never comes as disrespect but rather out of curiosity.

You see, in business this whole concept of a psychic coach is new and so it drums up questions. The word psychic can also bring up a LOT of triggers for people and most don’t see any correlation between it and business coaching.

A psychic is someone who can see into the future and tell you what’s coming, what’s for your best interest, and what will work out as you’ve hoped. Most often people look to psychics to tell them their future and answer the much desired questions such as:

“Will I win the lotto?”

“Who is going to win the Superbowl?”

“Am I ever going to meet Mr. Wonderful?”

“Am I going to have children and how many?”

I hear these questions a LOT.

And although I do answer these questions with what I hear and see, these are not things I focus on or promote.

As a psychic business and success strategist I focus on what is for the best interest of you, your business and your clients. I can see into the energy of your business and uncover what’s in your future. I can read the energy around what’s going on now, what’s holding you back, and what from your past is contributing to the level of success in your business up to this point.

Let’s break this down a little bit more in terms of business.

Let’s say that you are thinking of setting out in a new direction with your business services that you offer. I can look at the energy of it and let you know if it’s aligned with you, your clients, and the bigger purpose of your business.

I can look at your current structure and see where the holes are without even needing the details.

I can look at the energy of your business and tell you what your highest potential is for your business in regards to it’s reach, it’s impact and it’s greatest service to others.

Imagine if you knew today what your business had the ability to do next month, or next year, or even 10 years down the road?  How would that change things for you?

Well, you’d not only have a very clear direction, but you’d also be in alignment with what you were doing.

You’d be working in connection with the energies around you and with what it is you are most meant to do.

You’d have a clear plan as to HOW to take action on all of these things, and you’d no longer have to guess as to what was the right choices.

That is invaluable.

So often in business we get a creative idea and we sit and wait. We think about it over and over and weigh all the options and outcomes from our idea. We look at numbers, we look at history and we perseverate on it till we are sure that it’s a good idea.

But what if it was MUCH easier than that and required MUCH less time to make a decision?

It is.

Energy doesn’t lie and it is very easy to understand when you know how to read it.

As a psychic I don’t just see into the future, the past, and at the present, but I can also heal things that reside inside of you or your business that are keeping you stuck or holding you back from reaching the level you want to achieve.

As a psychic I can see your blocks, your limiting beliefs, where you give away your power and where situations from the past need to be released. As a healer I can energetically go in and heal all of the things that keep you chained to the status quo that you’ve been living.

The changes that happen once a client has gone through the healing process are astounding. Change begins to happen immediately and a clear path isn’t just discovered, but it’s visible to all who are meant to be on it.

As a psychic business coach I can do more than tell you your future, heal where you are and align you to where you need to be. I also teach you how to rely on your own intuition. I empower you to build your own power. I guide you to uncover your special talents and uniqueness and I facilitate a lasting change that will be noticed by all.

It’s not enough to just get the coaching on a strategic and mental level. As a psychic we dig into the energy and therefor change your business and your life on ALL levels!