How Well Do You Really Know Yourself?

The person you spend the most time with in life is YOU, yet the more and more I meet people there more I realize that we don’t know ourselves very well at all. I didn’t just notice this with others, I first realized this with ME. What I’ve come to understand is that...

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It’s Time To Take Off The Mask

My business did not look like it does now even just a year ago. I was struggling to find my place, to find what really felt right for me and I felt like I was hiding behind a mask. Back in 2014 when I had been miserable at my corporate job, I thought that starting my...

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Stop Trying To Fix Your Business

The number one mistake I see entrepreneurs and business owners make when things aren’t going well in their business is trying to strategically figure it out. They look at the numbers, they review the past month sales, they go over their marketing again and again, and...

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Balance is Completely Possible

Nowadays everyone seems to be striving for balance in their business and personal life, and very few seem to be able to find it. I’m in quiet a few Facebook groups that are filled with business women, mompreneurs, entrepreneurs, dadpreneurs, you name it, they are all...

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The Magic of Intentions

In business everyone talks about setting goals and meeting goals, and there is a huge hurrah when you smash your goals. For me, goals are an important part of my success. I create three separate goals daily to be sure I am getting things done. I set goals when it...

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One Size Will Never Fit All

Have you ever gone into a store looking for an item, let’s say a shaw or sweater, and it only comes in “one size fits all”? Now this MAY work for hats, or gloves, but a sweater wrap? I’m 5’4” and a size 00 (in America). One of my best friends is 5’10” and much bigger...

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