Have you ever gone into a store looking for an item, let’s say a shaw or sweater, and it only comes in “one size fits all”? Now this MAY work for hats, or gloves, but a sweater wrap? I’m 5’4” and a size 00 (in America). One of my best friends is 5’10” and much bigger boned than me. Please do not tell me that that “one size fits all” shaw is going to work for the both of us because one size will never fit all.

The same thing is true for businesses.

What works for one business is not going to necessarily work for another. Irregardless of them being in the same exact industry, in the same market and looking for the same “type” of clients.

How can I say this?

Because I see it every singe day.

I see a lot of people promoting a specific type of business strategy that will work for ALL coaches or specific type of business. They find a way that works for them, they repeat the process a few times and DONE. They now have a strategy to sell that they guarantee will work for you as well.

The problem is that you do it and it doesn’t work.

Is it that you didn’t do their steps right?

Is it that you didn’t put in the same amount of time?

Or is it that it’s not going to work for all?

Now some of you might be thinking that it’s just an easy way for me to lay down an excuse for people who can’t get their business off the ground. Not at all.

I see lots of coaches teaching that you MUST start your business with one-to-one clients and THEN move on to groups. They say that you can NEVER make it successful unless you do that first.

That is wrong and I have clients to prove it.

I see other people teaching that you MUST build a list before you can ever have a successful business. I know many people who have a multiple six-figure business, approaching seven figures, and still DO NOT have a list.

I see a whole slew of coaches teaching that you have to first create a perfected sales funnel before you can have continued sales and revenue streams. I myself, have proven this one wrong.

Some swear by video and others by self-published books.

Some are convinced the only way to grow your business is by referrals while others swear by paid marketing.

The point here is that there are SO many ways to really grow and make your business successful and NONE of them are meant to work for everyone. Even if you’re in the same industry.

Why?  Because your business is a direct reflexion of WHO YOU ARE. You are the person that created your business, you’re the energy behind it, your beliefs, your idea of service, your purpose and your desire to reach a specific success level are all based on YOU.

If you take two empowerment coaches, who both worked with women in leadership roles, and placed them side by side, I guarantee you that there would be more differences than similarities between the two of them.

One might be introverted while the other is extraverted.

One might me great at writing while the other shines on camera.

One might be intuitive while the other relies heavily on her analytical mind.

One might be great one-on-one while the other loves a crowd.

One might be really organized while the other can’t find the phone in her own hand.

Each and every single personal I have every met or worked with in business is completely unique and so is their business. Having a one and done strategy will never be able to satisfy the larger scheme of people building and growing their business. If something hasn’t worked for you in your business then do not give up. Take a look at who you are, how you best work, and how your ideal clients best receive information. After that, find someone who has multiple ways of guiding you to making your business successful. Find someone who can create a business strategy that is completely complimentary for YOU, because in business, one size will never fit all.