In business everyone talks about setting goals and meeting goals, and there is a huge hurrah when you smash your goals. For me, goals are an important part of my success. I create three separate goals daily to be sure I am getting things done. I set goals when it comes to the number for people I want to sign-up into my programs, the amount of revenue I want to bring in monthly, and for the different projects I have going on at any given time.

But I don’t start with these goals. Goals are never my primary driver for my business or my personal success. To me, goals are something that you make up using your logical mind, based on what you have been able to produce in the past, balanced against what you wish to achieve in the future.

Something that has way more power to propel you and your business to success than goals, are intentions.

I set all of my goals based off of my intentions, because intentions are magical.

Intentions don’t come from your rationalization of what you have the ability to create. They don’t come from leveraging your accomplishments against what others in your fiend have done or even what you have accomplished thus far. Intentions don’t come from the mind chatter that continually goes on in your head that has the ability to keep you small or send you in a direction you’re not meant for.

Intentions come from channeled information.

Intentions are direct guidance from the Universe directing you towards your greatest potential.

Intentions allow you to work in accordance with all the other energies, your guides, your greater purpose and other people, to allow for you to be perfectly aligned with your projects, your work, and the success you reach.

Intentions remove the Ego and the fear so that nothing holds you back or keeps you small.

Intentions allow everything around you to work out for your highest good.

Intentions keep you on the path that your higher-self always intended to stay on.

When you sent intentions for yourself it shifts the entire energy of your business and allows for things you never imagined to be possible to begin to work with ease and grace. Things begin to fall into your lap, opportunities you never expected are now being offered to you, and projects you only dreamed of creating become a reality.

So how do you even begin to set intentions?

1.Get yourself a pad of paper and a pen so that you can write everything out in detail as it flows through you.

2. Determine what period of time you are setting your intentions for i.e. the next week, month, quarter, year.

3. Find about 20 minutes of uninterrupted time and a quiet area where you can be comfortable, not be disturbed and relax.

4. Close your eyes, take several deep breaths in and begin to bring your attention to the center of your body and feel yourself relax.

5. If there are things you are holding onto from the day now is the time to release them. If you can’t quiet your mind I suggest spending a good 5 minutes or so simply doing a “mind dump” on to the pad of paper that you have and getting everything on your mind out. That will allow you to quiet the chatter.

6. Call in your guides, angels, the Universe, your higher-self, GOD, Jesus, whomever you resonate with and invite them into your space to help you to channel your intentions for the set amount of time you determined.

7. At the top of a blank piece of paper write the words: “I call upon my (Guides, angels, higher-self… etc.) to guide me in setting interns for my business for the next (month, week, day..).

8. Then simply start writing. Write everything and anything that comes to your mind. The trick is to not stop to think about what you are writing or if you are using the correct punctuations or grammar structure. Just keep writing.

9. When you have nothing left to say I want you to set your writing aside and then come back to it in a couple hours. This allows you to see it in a new light when you read it.

10. Take each intention that you wrote and TAKE ACTION by setting goals and task directly from those channeled intentions.

If you have trouble and feel like it’s forced at first, or don’t know what to write, then simply write that. Say “I know I am supposed to be writing out intentions but I have no idea what they are so I am simply going to keep writing until ideas about my business start coming to me and things I really want to do pop in my head……” You will be surprised at how quickly the ideas start coming.

If you are brand new to this it might take you a couple times to get in the flow. That’s ok. Keep going. When you get more comfortable and really open yourself up to allow divine guidance to direct your business and yourself you will be utterly amazed at the magic of your intentions.

This is the process that I use myself, and with all of my clients. Amazing things have come from this. For example, one of my intentions for the new year was to acquire 3 speaking engagements each month. Within a few days of setting this intention I had secured 5 different speaking opportunities without even soliciting them myself. That, is magic!

I’d love to know how this goes for you and some of the experiences you have. Please share in the comments below!